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Patriots 新闻 Blitz 7/10: Top 25 Pats who will determine team's success


Another quiet week wraps up in Foxborough with little in the way of breaking 新闻. With Cam Newton officially in the fold, at this point we're all just waiting to see if training camps will open and if football will be 玩ed around the 澳门赌场正规网址.

Mass生活.com kicks us off this morning with a list of 25 Patriots that will determine the team's success in 2020. 奇迹 if Bill Belichick will spend more time with the offense this year.

NBC Sports Boston says Tom Brady might be the best quarterback ever but Jerry Rice 在澳门赌场正规网址山羊。

Now that Cam Newton is a member of the Patriots, the 波士顿环球报 奇迹 if he’ll get the benefit of the calls like Tom Brady did. Speaking of Newton, he joined wideout N’Keal Harry recently 为锻炼。 鹰论坛报some advice for Newton.